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Optical absorption tests
range of absorptions: 99% to 5 ppb
- space and time-resolved photothermal technology
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SPTS service for SPTS customers who purchased the instrument:
2 months of technical support over phone and e-mail
12 months warranty on parts and labor
free for US customers
* does not include consulting on the properties, behavior and suggested testing/screening procedures for optical materials.
Other SPTS services:
Absorption tests. The prices are for simple tests only, final price may depend on additional factors such as a non-standard shape of samples, complex absorption effects, etc.
Test of first 2 samples for a new company
Quick absorption test, one linear scan
Standard coating test, 3 scans: scan through, scan across, test for transients
Detailed evaluation of absorption including homogeneity, nonlinear absorption effects and transients
2D-map of absorption (test for coating homogeneity, bulk absorption slice, etc.)
Standard gray-track test for KTP crystals
Reflected probe setup (as for opaque samples)*
Consulting in the field of optical materials properties, defects, testing/screening procedures, applications
Customer covers travel and accommodation expenses
Small project fee, less than 8 hours of work
* The cost of the reflected probe test is, generally, a double of the corresponding transmitted probe test
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