7. For the alternate probe beam why use IR and not visible?

8. I previously built an FDTR system that used an unmodulated CW probe at 532nm with very stable phase to pick out extremely small changes in gold reflection based off its change in temperature due to modulated pump heating. If the same applies here, could we use any visible wavelength as long as the phase is very stable?

9. Have you any suggested temperature\humidity ranges that the PCI works best in?

10. I have been using the new version of the PCI LabVIEW interface, and I am wondering if there is a way to add a little automation into this.

11. Tests at 10.4 um?

12. Can we combine two laser sources 532nm and 1064nm in PC-03?

13. Could the UV pump focusing lens be replaced if damaged?

14. What would be calibration pieces at 213 nm and 266 nm?